A gym is the same as a box

Although both are used for exercise, they are two totally different places.

Although they may seem the same to us, they are not. A box is a place where CrossFit is practiced while a gym is a place where people do exercises.

And it's not the same ?  

Well no, because they are  two totally different places designed for Two different functions. a box is a spacious place with high ceilings, Without divisions and with plenty of space , In order to distribute the implements  In such a way that both the walls and the floor  can be used in a WOD. 

A gym is a small space with low ceilings ,Full of many machines ,Which are normally used individually To work a specific part of the body .If you decide to exercise your legs there is a machine for that, if you decide to exercise your arms there is a machine for that and so on. CrossFit Involves all muscle groups at the same time, That is, in a WOD You work your whole body, while in the gym you decide what to do.

With this I do not mean that Going to the gym is bad, I just want you to understand the difference.





Natalia Salas

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