The most famous CrossFit athletics

Your physical appearance does not define your attitude towards life.

One of my passions is CrossFit, because through it I have learned to improve my physical and mental health. I don't practice this sport to gain muscle, I do it to stay healthy.

But there are athletes who, have to modify their body, if they want to reach the highest category.The most famous athletics worldwide in CrossFit are: 

  • Tia Clair Toomey ,an Australian athlete with a very toned and strong body, known as the queen of CrossFit.
  • The second strongest in the world is Matt Fraser, known for his great muscles and great resistance. CrossFit games champion.
  • Third place on the list goes to Sara Sigmundsdottir, an Irish athlete, noted for her dedication to training and notable for her incredible athletic body.
  • Fourth place goes to the Icelandic athlete Annie Thorisdottir, she has great physical capacity and has been a great inspiration for many CrossFitters. 

and this list would not be complete without the outstanding crossfitter Katrin Davidsdottir, who has dedicated her life to this sport, thus allowing her to have a defined body. 

Remember that beyond physical appearance, CrossFit is about exceeding limits, improving health and your physical condition. all these athletes are examples of this


Natalia Salas

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