Beautiful Goodbye

My love for sunsets have been my great motivation to keep on going.

I don't think all goodbyes are sad and painful. The reason why there's "good" in goodbye is because we can admire, learn, and have peace in endings.

More than the beautiful blue sky, I find peace in setting sun.

Whenever I see the sky turning dark after a day of being bright, I felt like it's also telling me "Well done today". That after a tiring day, a busy time in work and interactions with various people, I deserve a cup of coffee and a good sleep.

Sometimes I don't want to work night shift (I have a night class , teaching Chemistry to Criminology students), but whenever I work from 5:00-8:00 pm I can witness the sunset, and it gives me more motivation to work.

I love the peaceful scene, the view from my workplace. Love how calm the environment of country side. The morning view of the mountains then the pretty view once it turns dark.

"You did well today, be better tomorrow"

Thank you so much God, for giving me this form of pat on the back that only few can appreciate.


If you feel like no one's cheering on you, the sky is pretty enough for you to feel alive ?





Thank you for taking the time to read this blog??


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