The Big 5 of CrossFit

CrossFit is a sport that improves health, mood and modifies your body.

We always wonder why people become attached to something, in this case we will talk about why a sport that is so demanding ends up being the best way to feel good.

CrossFit is a sport that includes everyone , it means Anyone who wants to feel fit, change their mood and even shape their body. For many years people around the world have used it to measure his strength and learn to work as a team.

Although it is not an easy sport to practice, due to the complexity of its exercises, it has become among the most sought after. An example of this are the so-called CrossFit games, where athletes from all over gather Once a year to measure strength, capacity, agility and stability. 


Remember that beyond physical appearance, CrossFit is about exceeding limits, improving health and your physical condition. 

The best five athletes in the world are: la australiana tía clair Toomey Known as the queen CrossFit . The American Matt Fraser also known as the fittest on earth CrossFit Games Champion from 2016 to 2020. Sara Sigmundsdottir an athlete Icelander who managed to position herself  Thanks to her Dedication, strength and resilience as The best in weightlifting. Annie Thorisdottir Renowned athlete and coach , She first competed in the CrossFit games at the age of 19 and was crowned muscle ups champion without knowing how it worked ,and finally we have Katrin Davidsdottir, Who has left an indelible mark through his journey through the CrossFit games  For her dedication and competitive spirit  Inspiring others.



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